Friday, June 25, 2004

Onward and upward! Space elevators??

Try to watch this video (requires real player) and not smile or feel like a little kid again.

This has been amazing month for space travel. A private rocket to space! and now this! What an age!

USA Today
ABC News
Sydney Morning Tribune
China Daily

"One can imagine how much inventiveness, daring and courage were necessary to realise such a plan. Like every feat of engineering, this success is proof of mankind's capacity for invention." - La Nouvelle Republique du Centre-Ouest

"Just like when early airplanes were flying in 1910, we didn't know what the benefits are, but we were doing it because it was fun." - Burt Rutan of Scaled Composites

In 15 years, he predicts, "space tourism will be a multibillion-dollar business." - Rattan

"After this flight, I don't think it will be hard to convince anyone that space tourism is within the grasp of normal people," Rutan says. One hurdle: there's no consensus in D.C. on how to regulate such vehicles. A bill that would treat them uniquely—without requiring the same level of safety as airplanes—is stalled in Congress. Newsday

I urge the State to just stay away from this one - not that they can really stop it. Let's roll!

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