Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Is Obama stupid or just corrupt?

Here he is, telling us how eager he is to negotiate with the most illegitimate and dangerous regimes in the world - for the sake of "repairing" busted bridges. Obama is a smart man who usually says a lot without saying anything at all. But in this case, he must know better that negotiation with thuggery legitimizes thuggery. Agreements made with thugs always requires a compromising of our interests (presumably in sharing freedom) and ultimately leads to a further erosion of support from countries that would normally be our natural allies in liberty.

For example, the elder George Bush sold out Lebanon to Syria for support in Iraq War 1. In doing so, he legitimized the thuggery of Syrian Baath Party leaders, agreeing to let them occupy a democratic Lebanon, destroying the trust we built with this nation under Reagan. With Nancy Pelosi tripping over herself in the rush to re-establish relations with Syrian thug-master Bashar al-Assad, we're telling freedom-loving people within Lebanon that the US will turn its back on them once Democrats assume the presidency. Why should these people support the US and Israel when Obama is telling the world that he can't wait to talk to Syria and Iran?

Obama can't be this stupid, can he?

Monday, July 23, 2007

You Tube Debate: Unintentional Comedy Scale off the Charts

Tonight's Democratic Debate was hosted by YouTubers -- and the unintentional comedy scale was off the charts. The self-importance of the questions from these people has me in stitches...Have these people ever even voted before? These are truly embarrassing - who are these people and what do they do in real life?

Here are some highlights. But check them all out - every one elicits a laugh.

This lady is getting a bit ahead of herself. Universal health care for the world, paid for by you.

Pimple-faced, yet so superior in his dogmatic "secularism." All he wants to do is show off his atheism. Good for you, buddy...good for you...

Sunday, July 08, 2007

"I want to believe in climate change"

"I am a partisan democrat - and climate change is good for my candidates. I am very clever. I am an advocate for science and reason."

- roughly 25% of the US population