Thursday, March 31, 2005

We have our heros...and then there are the self-loathing morons.

This clip of Ward Churchill signing off to a Bay Area collection of anarchist/socialist/dipshit/freaks with a "power to the people!" is at the same time hilarious, disgusting, and perfectly consistent. I love how he almost runs away from the podium after spilling out that burnt out hippie mantra, likely embarrassed for having said it at all. Is someone who hates himself this much actually dangerous? Perhaps...

Here are two amazing stories that remind us that heros walk among us and that the best is still, and always, yet to come.

Meet the mind readers - Paralysed people can now control artificial limbs by thought alone.

La Vida Robot - How four underdogs from the mean streets of Phoenix took on the best from M.I.T. in the national underwater bot championship.

Carl Hayden Community High School Falcon Robotics Club

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

It hardly seems mentioned today that the idea of "privitizing" social security was originally proposed by Bill Clinton back when the stock market bubble was still expanding.

Paul Cwik warns of the pitfalls of this false privitization in a May 1999 article titled Socialist Stock Market.

Murray Rothbard once asked Ludwig von Mises at what point on the spectrum of statism can a country be designated as "socialist." To his surprise, Mises said that there was, indeed, a clear-cut delineation: the stock market.

Mises said, "A stock market is crucial to the existence of capitalism and private property. For it means that there is a functioning market in the exchange of private titles to the means of production. There can be no genuine private ownership of capital without a stock market: there can be no true socialism if such a market is allowed to exist."

A corollary to this idea is that if the government is allowed to "invest" in the stock market, then the economy can no longer be called market-based. President Clinton has proposed a plan to use up to one-fourth of new Social Security funds to buy shares in our stock markets. The danger of this plan may not be as obvious as his previous health-care plan, but they are just as serious...

The fundamental problem that the Clinton administration ignores is that the Social Security program is based on what is called a Ponzi Game or a pyramid scheme. You have probably seen this if you've ever received a chain letter that states, "Send money to the first five people on the list, remove the first person's name, and place yours at the bottom." In other words, the first people in the program (those at the top of the pyramid) are currently getting money from the new people enrolling (those who are at the lower stages of the pyramid).

If the UN was Enron, Kofi Annan would be in jail.

Annan Refuses to Quit U.N. Over Report

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Terri Schiavo
by Michael J. Hurd, Ph.D.

Terri Schiavo has a right to life; we all do. But does the right to life include the right to live as an inhuman vegetable? Does it include the right to submit one's husband to the status of permanent caretaker, endless emotional pain and mile-high medical bills? Speaking of medical bills, do conservative Republicans who want people like Terri Schiavo kept alive also want the government -- meaning you and I -- to foot those bills? Republicans favor expanding the welfare state (e.g. Medicare) just as Democrats do; aren't they submitting this welfare state to even more economy-busting medical expenses than we already have in the name of -- what? Keeping the hopelessly ill and barely alive breathing another few days or weeks?

The dangerous, ugly side of this whole issue is that it's not being treated as a borderline case, or as the unfortunate exception that it is. Instead, religious conservatives are trying to use it as an example of how ANY kind of life is life, no matter how partial, or tenuous or barely hanging on that life might be. They know that if they can impose force on the living to keep alive the barely living, they can likewise impose force on the living to bring into existence unwanted potential lives. Their view of life is not rational; it's religious. When they say that this country is founded not on reason but on faith, they mean it.

Monday, March 28, 2005

According to some reports, Gov. Jeb Bush considered seizing Mrs. Schiavo, à la Elian, and taking her to a hospital so she could be fed. But he did not do so. "I've consistently said that I can't go beyond what my powers are, and I'm not going to do it," the governor says. Janet Reno and the Clinton administration showed no such restraint when it came to Elian Gonzalez.

Selective Restraint - By John Fund
Liberals cheered when Janet Reno defied the courts to seize Elian Gonzalez.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

There is a very interesting article in today's New York Times on the increasing pressure against middle-eastern authoritarian regimes coming from disatisfied young people. Open societies breed liberty.

In Beirut on Saturday, a crowd of mostly young demonstrators hooted through a speech by the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, as he repeated too-familiar arguments for pan-Arab solidarity, without committing to a timetable for withdrawing Syrian soldiers from Lebanon.

Young protesters have been spurred by the rise of new technology, especially uncensored satellite television, which prevents Arab governments from hiding what is happening on their own streets. The Internet and cellphones have also been deployed to erode censorship and help activists mobilize in ways previous generations never could.

Friday, March 04, 2005

We must bear in mind that imperialism is a world system, the last stage of capitalism-and it must be defeated in a world confrontation. The strategic end of this struggle should be the destruction of imperialism. Our share, the responsibility of the exploited and underdeveloped of the world, is to eliminate the foundations of imperialism: our oppressed nations, from where they extract capital, raw materials, technicians, and cheap labor, and to which they export new capital-instruments of domination-arms and all kinds of articles, thus submerging us in an absolute dependence. - Ernesto "Che" Guevara

I love this stuff! Hey Che, you lost and I have the t-shirt to prove it! Sorry, bub.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Is being run by undercover Republican party operatives?

This Rolling Stone article highlights the consistent losing record of the socialist group; the same group responsible for getting Howard Dean elected to the DNC chairmanship.

They signed up 500,000 supporters with an Internet petition -- but Bill Clinton still got impeached. They organized 6,000 candlelight vigils worldwide -- but the U.S. still invaded Iraq. They raised $60 million from 500,000 donors to air countless ads and get out the vote in the battle-ground states -- but George Bush still whupped John Kerry. A gambler with a string of bets this bad might call it a night. But just keeps doubling down.

It is time the sane libertarian wings of the democratic and republican parties come together and stop this foolishness. Might someone like Jesse Ventura be the right person to get such a job done?
Craigslist Set To Leap Beyond Solar System

This is just awesome!

craigslist announced the ambitious plan after CEO Jim Buckmaster won an auction on eBay for the first private communication to be transmitted into deep space by Deep Space Communications Network, of Cape Canaveral, Florida. Noting that such transmissions have long been the exclusive domain of military and research institutions, Buckmaster said "We're thrilled to offer our users this historic opportunity", and added that negotiations were ongoing with DSCN for transmission capacity orders of magnitude beyond those offered in the original auction, to accommodate the interstellar messaging needs of the mammoth online community.

Effective immediately, all earthlings posting to craigslist will have an opportunity to earmark their message for inclusion in the historic transmission from Cape Canaveral, immediately following the launch of the Discovery Space Shuttle - currently scheduled for May 15, 2005. Deep Space Communications Network will transmit the postings, along with a personal video message from Craig, and a clip from the documentary "24 Hours on craigslist" light years into space, for the benefit and edification of potential future craigslist community members in the great beyond.
Howard Dean praying on his visit through southern states?

"Praying for American troops and evoking biblical images of helping the needy, Howard Dean told Mississippi Democrats on Tuesday night that the national party won't give up on socially conservative states."

"The way we're going to win elections in this country is to stand up for what we believe in"

Come on, Howard, you are not religious and you should not try to be. I'd like very much to respect what you trying to accomplish, but you are proving to be a phony.

"The way we're going to win elections in this country is not to become Republican lite."

So stop acting like those that you despise.