Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Collective Mess of Ineffectuality

(From Age of Hooper) Hilarious. What do these clowns do in their off time when they aren't participating in a collective mess of ineffectuality? Nice breasts at the 6:00 mark, btw.

Update (via LGF):
Check out the flag burning bliss. Greatest day of his life.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wishing it was 1965 all over again?

Sorry, isn't. The punishments in this deplorable Jena 6 case were not fair to the deeds, yes (clearly, the white students involved deserved assault charges). Was there racism involved in the justice? Perhaps....but to pretend this is 1965 all over again? Why perpetuate this victim status and feed human scum suckers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Are we regressing out of a need to struggle for the sake of it?

La. Protests Hark Back to '50s, '60s

As she trudged up a hill to a rally at a park, 63-year-old Elizabeth Redding of Willinboro, N.J., remembered marching at Selma, Ala., when she was in her 20s.

"I am a great-grandmother now. I'm doing this for my great-grandchildren," she said.

France's new dance crave?

This??? via Drudge.

Leftists turning against each other over the war

Mainstream leftist, Dan Gerstein, turns on the far left, blaming the rabid anti-war movement for Congress's inability to undermine President Bush's Iraq strategy.
They may not say it publicly, for fear of arousing the grass roots’ wrath, but the realist wing of the party seems to think the Democrats’ biggest problem on Iraq these days is not that there’s too much Bush Lite but that there’s too much Bush Left.

...the best the Democrats could do after several months of pressure tactics was, in that July showdown, to get four Senate GOP-ers to back a timeline for troop withdrawal, leaving them seven votes short of the 60 needed to overcome a filibuster and political light years away from the 67 needed to overcome a veto.

Intransigence. The anti-war movement has rightly castigated Bush for his reflexive inflexibility and, specifically, his maddening decision to stick with the same failed strategy in Iraq

Who do Bush opponents insist on re-stating the lie that Bush is sticking "with the same failed strategy in Iraq" when he clearly is not?

Was a troop surge and the decision to bring troops out of their fortifications and back into the streets (a strategy that is clearly achieving positive results) the "same failed strategy" as before?

Anyway...divide and conquer this bunch. Expect the left and far-left's cat fight to become louder going into the 2008 presidential elections. This is 1972 all over -- and the insane anti-war crowd is on the wrong side of history.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The modern anti-war movement shows its stuff

This is a classic video compilation put together by Charles Ryder at Age of Hooper who embedded with these fools over this weekend's confluence of anti-war, anti-american, anti-everything moonbats in Washington DC. He has been churning out epic material all weekend. Check out his blog to see the full extent of hilarity.

I suggest you watch the video and then follow it up by reading this essay/rant written by a disgruntled leftist:

The American Left's Silly Victim Complex

The sad truth is that if the FBI really is following anyone on the American left, it is engaging in a huge waste of time and personnel. No matter what it claims for a self-image, in reality it’s the saddest collection of cowering, ineffectual ninnies ever assembled under one banner on God’s green earth. And its ugly little secret is that it really doesn’t mind being in the position it’s in – politically irrelevant and permanently relegated to the sidelines, tucked into its cozy little cottage industry of polysyllabic, ivory tower criticism. When you get right down to it, the American left is basically just a noisy Upper West side cocktail party for the college-graduate class.

And we all know it. The question is, when will we finally admit it?

Saturday, September 08, 2007

What must it be like to feel no shame?

And now there is this. How do Al Gore lackeys keep lapping up the hypocrisy that constantly is sharting out of his mouth?

(or is that his ass?)