Tuesday, February 03, 2004

What’s the difference?

Howard Dean revolutionized campaigning and raising funds online, but his penchant for spending money on an ineffective message of rage burned his cash in a fashion similar to the dot-com bombs that disintegrated many of his supporters. Nevertheless, a quick look at his competitor’s websites shows a stunning fear of good old “outside the box” thinking. Not that you would expect anything different in age of focus group campaigning. Put a different title and photo on each website and it is nearly impossible to tell the difference. Hilarious!

All four websites:
- have three columns
- have a campaign picture in the middle column
- have “Make a Contribution” button on the top of the right column
- an “official,” “community,” or straight up blog
- a reference to “Black History Month”
- “Photo Gallery”
- 3 of 4 state “campaign” (Kerry and Dean), “movement” (Edwards) “to change America”
- Calendars on 3 of 4 sites

What did I miss? Plenty, I am sure.

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