Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama is a cynical pragmatist

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright affair and his "oops, you got me" response speech has only confirmed the obvious. Obama is a typical cynical politician. In his case, he needed credibility in South Chicago so he partnered with the people who could buy him influence (Wright and Rezko).

Obama doesn't believe in Wright's foolishness because he doesn't believe in anything. His prime motivation is the ability to exercise power.

Obama doesn't care to sooth race relations. He seeks to exploit them, evidenced by his proposals for more socialism and more affirmative action.

Obama would happily throw Jeremiah Wright under the bus if it meant more power. His problem now is how to delicately do just that without looking like a hypocrite and damaging his credibility as a uniter. He must now attempt to present himself as a politician unique in American history, someone who doesn't just feel your pain, but feels everyone's pain.

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