Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Reuters shows their economic ignorance as Quebec institutes a global warming tax

Quebec province slapped the country's first carbon tax on energy firms on Monday, as Canadian business leaders urged "environmental taxation" to rein in greenhouse-gas emissions.


It wasn't immediately known whether the oil companies, including Petro-Canada and Imperial Oil, would pass along the cost to consumers.

Such taxes are ALWAYS passed back to the end consumer. Always.

It is also implied in the article that businesses are behind this 100%.
Separately, the Canadian Council of Chief Executives said Canada should become "an energy and environmental superpower," and suggested higher energy prices to help cut emissions, the Globe and Mail newspaper reported on Monday.

No context is given regarding the nature of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives and their pro-State advocacy going back almost 30 years. The CCCE is made up of 150 CEOs, many of whose businesses are directly tied to the Canadian State. No where in the article does Reuters offer an opinion on how this might affect the other two and a half million businesses in the country. The non-questioning reader may walk away assuming everyone is behind this new tax. Ignorance or bias or both?

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