Sunday, September 16, 2007

The modern anti-war movement shows its stuff

This is a classic video compilation put together by Charles Ryder at Age of Hooper who embedded with these fools over this weekend's confluence of anti-war, anti-american, anti-everything moonbats in Washington DC. He has been churning out epic material all weekend. Check out his blog to see the full extent of hilarity.

I suggest you watch the video and then follow it up by reading this essay/rant written by a disgruntled leftist:

The American Left's Silly Victim Complex

The sad truth is that if the FBI really is following anyone on the American left, it is engaging in a huge waste of time and personnel. No matter what it claims for a self-image, in reality it’s the saddest collection of cowering, ineffectual ninnies ever assembled under one banner on God’s green earth. And its ugly little secret is that it really doesn’t mind being in the position it’s in – politically irrelevant and permanently relegated to the sidelines, tucked into its cozy little cottage industry of polysyllabic, ivory tower criticism. When you get right down to it, the American left is basically just a noisy Upper West side cocktail party for the college-graduate class.

And we all know it. The question is, when will we finally admit it?

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