Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pork is Pork, Unless it is a Pet

Don Surber:
Dana Milbank’s page two-er today, “Senate’s Bold Proposal for Iraq: Sugar Beets and Rural Schools — in the U.S.” in the Washington Post, broke down some of the items added to the emergency spending bill for the war on terror.

Milbank did not tell readers the Democratic Senate used this bill to ladle out its annual $20 billion in pork.

In fact, the word “pork” did not appear even once in his story.

He called it “pet projects.”

That has a much nicer sound, doesn’t it?


DonSurber said...

You gave Milbank his own category? LOL

Thanks for the link

MPH said...

The way Milbank is going, I figured this wouldn't be the first time he would need be featured.

Thanks for your blog..Always enjoyable and insightful.