Monday, December 04, 2006

What we can learn from El Comandante Chavez

Let me celebrate with my leftist brethren the advances to human freedom that was cast from the Venezuelan ballot boxes this weekend! May we remain true to the great Chavez as we seek to rid the Devil from our daily lives. Socialism is human. Socialism is love. God Bless! Allah Akhbar!

We here in the US have much to learn from this greatest of great men. Here is a list of suggestions:

-Perhaps we too may capture fingerprints of the US electorate before they vote. It is vital that that Venezuelans allow El Comandante Chavez keep tabs on the enemies of freedom so that they may be punished. This is the only path to a free and OPEN election. I suppose this is easier to accomplish when the voting machine company is owned by the State. Diebold, beware (see below).

-We ought to consider shutting down private news services here as well. The imperialists are poison and this is essentially a national health issue at the heart of it all. Congratulations Chavez on clamping down the Corporate Media. There is no need to be timid any more when the enemies’ goals are so plain.

-Using government busses to amass voters to the polls makes plenty of sense…

-We must take back our great industries such as oil and gas. Nationalization is a no-brainer! And then we can fund a massive anti-poverty campaign and pro-literacy initiatives with the proceeds. Yeah!

-Iran can be our friend too. Together we can smash the devil out of office and destroy the imperialist assault on our collective liberty.

-Belarus, with the benevolent Alexander Lukashenko at the helm is a model state. How can we also seek to mimic their fine example?

-Daddy Chavez really excites me! I’ve always wanted a Daddy that stood for fair, tough justice when I was a kid. Democracy gives us such wonderful presents. Long live Daddy Chavez!


Not-QuiteRight said...

Indeed, Saudi Arabia is a “model state” for human rights and civil liberty is it not? Perhaps President Bush should reconsider his relationship with said country, as you believe Hugo Chavez should in regards to Belarus?

Perhaps Sec. of State to be Robert Gates should also reconsider his opinion which regards Iran as a valuable asset in regards to stabilizing the Middle East?

Yes, those who vocalize their opposition to President Bush’s foreign and domestic policy say my aunts’ sewing circle; should be investigated as “enemies of the state” by the Department of Homeland Security.

Long Live Daddy Bush!

Kira said...


WHen is the last time that you, or anyone else that opposed Bush's policies was investigated by DHS? In your fantasies, you and your aunt are important enough to tie up our national security resources. Unfortunately, this is reality...

Gates is not poised to become Secretary of State, but Secretary of Defense. These are tow agencies that are not only completely different and separate, but could be considered eachother's arch enemies. But, details are soooo right-wing.

Regarding Venezuela, it is depressing to see the left-wing tide sweeping Latin America. Chavez is a joke, even to his own people. So is Lukashenko. However, these are jokes that make you cry instead of laugh.

Not-QuiteRight said...

Fair enough on “Gate’s,” my mistype should be called-out as you have done “Kira;” although you know precisely what I am discussing in this regard.

Further, you apparently enjoy denying the reality, proven reality, that several peaceful organizations in opposition to President Bush’s foreign policy, have found themselves investigated by the Department of Homeland Security. As Richard Nixon engaged in similar activities, President Bush has followed suit. I concede that our nation has approved of such activity, indeed reporting incidences of alleged “terrorist” activity to the authorities, however the DHS has often accepted these call’s” without the proper vetting of those leveling the charges.

Regarding Venezuela, you label the results “depressing,” while the majority of the people living within the region do not. Chavez is a “joke,” fair enough, as I do not believe in his style of governance; however, without conceding that our nation has fallen into peril under our present leadership, while attacking Chavez, this merely displays your undeniably ignorant bias. As I have identified again, and again throughout the discussion with this blog’s author.

Kira said...


"you apparently enjoy denying the reality, proven reality, that several peaceful organizations in opposition to President Bush’s foreign policy, have found themselves investigated by the Department of Homeland Security"

for example?