Sunday, August 13, 2006

Twisted Sisters/Twisted Reactions - Mahmoud Ahmednejad and Mel Gibson

There are interesting similarities between sadistic, mystical, and racist actor Mel Gibson and the masochistic, mystical, and racist President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmednejad. Both incite some sort of grand Jewish conspiracy against the world.

Their language is essentially the same; however the real threat they possess is quite different. Mel Gibson attacks Jews in drunken epithets and in stupid movies with lots of blood-letting. Ahmednejad attacks Jews by funding terror and proxy wars against the State of Israel.

Yet the press saved their outrage for the ultimately impotent Gibson; meanwhile, with Iranian missiles raining down on Haifa, Mike Wallace was in Tehran to offer the west a sympathetic view of Ahmednejad.

Gibson is a fool but he is his own worst enemy in the free world. Ahmednejad, on the other hand, not only states clearly his desire to destroy Israel, he actively funds its destruction.

Who has the guts to call a spade a spade here?

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