Saturday, August 13, 2005

Build it!

An artist's drawing released Wednesday, July 27, 2005, by The Fordham Company shows the proposed Fordham Spire skyscraper planned for the Chicago lakefront. The 115-story tower is proposed by Chicago developer Christopher Carley and designed by noted architect Santiago Calatrava. Over the past 20 years, dozens of high-rise projects such as the Spire have been introduced as reaching record-breaking heights worldwide, but most of the projects are often either scaled down or scrapped before being built. (AP Photo/The Fordham Company)

Fordham Spire Images
Chicago skyscraper would be nation's tallest
Santiago Calatrava - Fordham Spire


genie junkie said...

in thanks for dropping by our blog the other day, I thought I'd come check yours out. I wonder what this spire will do to the "freedom tower" thing--I mean, you know, alittle tower envy or something?

MPH said...

Indded- that was my thought as well - step it up NYC - how dare they scale back Freedom Tower plans if this beaut goes up...?

mojoala said...

low tower envy.

I hope it does get built.

It looks like something from a sci-fi novel or movie....

Jason_Pappas said...

Ah, even a die hard New Yorker like myself would love to see this tower built in Chicago. What a sight it would make on the shore of Lake Michigan. Let's see this built.