Monday, October 11, 2004

George Bush, Rock Star

Living in the DC-Metro region, I have the pleasure (?) of listening to C-SPAN radio with much occasion. Since I am in front of a radio more often than a television, C-SPAN is my main my link to the presidential campaigns minus the spin or bias of network television.

After listening to a number of presidential campaign stump speeches, I have concluded that George Bush is a rock star on the road, whereas John Kerry sounds more like a Catholic priest brutally extolling us (Bush) for our sins. Certainly, Bush speeches are more fun to listen to. Kerry's hammering is at times painful (both in its ability to bore and the numerous contrivances he serves up to battle the flip-flop label).

Even if Bush's call for individual responsibility is mere lip service, it’s not the type of talk one typically hears out of Kerry. I like how Bush does his best to explain even his big government outlays as ways to shift decision making away from Washington, DC and back to you and I.

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