Sunday, September 05, 2004

What would happen if such things were uttered, say, in a NYC mosque?

I am curious if such statements are tantamount to the initation of force. If an act of terror is committed and he is proven indirectly culpable, can this man be arrested or destroyed? Perhaps his words have pushed a would-be terrorist already on the margin to commit an act of terror. Should such a thing be allowed to live?

Break down the motivations of such a statement. This animal is proposing moral equivilance to Great Britan's actions in Iraq with the Chechen rebels responsible for the death of 350 children, students, and parents. Certainly, the destruction of western civilization is his answer to his life-long feeling of inferiority. I suppose he has that much in common with 90% of the philosophy professors dominating our western universities; those who sordidly gorge themselves on the best and brightest of our fresh young minds so that they too can become monsters.

So, what do you do? Reject the mystic and work from there.

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