Sunday, January 25, 2004

“Kerry is looking better these days, not only in the race, but in the face. Word is that he recently had a few botox injections around the eyes”

I laughed aloud when my friend, Don Fulsom, sent me an email with that line in it. I have paid as much attention as one can tolerate to the Democratic race to see who will lose to W. Of the hours spent listening to the candidates repeat each other (and proudly boasting the new mantra – “I am candidateXYZ, and I approve this message”), one thing I couldn’t help but notice was how much better John Kerry is looking compared to the last time I cared to watch him tell us why he would be a better ruler of men than the Bushmaster.

Before Iowa, it appeared Kerry was going to be steamrolled by the Dean Machine – and his face looked about as healthy as his poll numbers. I saw Clinton the midnight before his reelection in ’96 at an airport hanger in Bangor, Maine and I thought I would never see baggy eyes like that again in my life – and until Kerry hit the scene, I was correct in that assumption.

But wait…Have you seen John Kerry 2.0 yet? With his slick new look, I almost thought he was competing with the Governator for the most favored politician amongst the 37-year old single mother demographic – but when Don mentioned the Botox rumors, it all made sense, except for the fact that Drudge hadn’t shot gunned that tidbit it to the world weeks ago when it was first noticed that Kerry looked ready for a red carpet stroll hand-in-hand with J-Lo. I did a Google news search and found that this rumor indeed has been floating around, though it is strongly denied by the Kerry campaign. I Photoshopped this comparison photo.

You to be the judge. Is this just extremely good makeup, or did Teresa Heinz-Kerry dip into her thirty-year supply of Botox and share a hit with her husband?

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